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I still can’t get over how cute all the little raccoon paw prints on the ground were. I just want to smooch their little hands 🐼😍🐨 is that weird?

Explored Tyler’s underground with Emanuel today.

Sitting in the shade with Kellisee.

Let’s play Find the Kitty! (Disregard my mess, please.)

The problem with being a feminist with body issues: I’m wearing a new dress and someone yelled at me from the street “Damn girl you’re working that dress!” I don’t know whether to be offended because they’re objectifying me or if I’m flattered because a stranger thinks I’m hot.

Being a couple of cuties at work. @skayg_inspire


All black, every day.

You don’t have to be like them.

"When we get married I will pick out our curtains,
and you will hang them up.
When we get married I will pick up dinner,
and you will rent a movie.
When we get married I will make you breakfast in bed,
and you will share it with me.
When we get married I will do everything for you,
and you will do everything for me."

- Z&K (via 2390-miles-meannothing)

(via kelseyjewelanna)




(via kelseyjewelanna)